The Red Baron – “DREAM”

My good homie John Saunders of Brightside Live showed me this record last night and it goes in. I must have listened to it at least 50 times since then due to how dope it is, regardless of whether I had heard of The Red Baron prior to this release or not, this single proves exactly why you DO NOT judge a book by it’s cover [or in our generation; the number of followers they have on social media].  What initially caught my attention on this record was the massive lead organ and how much it reeked of Halloween vibes, shortly after that I noticed a handful of strategically placed vocal samples from K.Dot’s “Backseat Freestyle,” then I came to read the information in the bio about how this upcoming producer has done shows alongside dudes like Falcons and Hoodboi and it was a wrap. The Red Baron is on the come up and he deserves your utmost attention, so check out his latest below via the homies over at Brightside Live below… One soundcloud listener commented “phantom of the opera wit tha suicide doors” and I don’t think I could describe the aura of this song in any better way. Straight heater. There is a Free Download on The Red Baron’s “DREAM” so be sure to scoop that one up after streaming below!

P.S. – Sick artwork for this one, if you hadn’t noticed above.




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