StéLouse & ahh-ooh Release “Sex Panther” & Announce Hebinomichi

Hebinomichi, meaning ‘serpents path’, is a newly formed artist collective and label founded by Denver based producer StéLouse and Detroit’s future beat newcomer, ahh-ooh. Curating not only forward thinking electronic music, the collective is focused on building a complete sensory experience for their listeners by bringing together music and art on every project. For this month’s string of releases they are working exclusively with Alfred English, a digital artist who has been doing a handful of art for Mad Decent recently. Already boasting an impressive roster of experienced artists the likes of Pusher, Maxx Baer, Rusty Hook and more, you can expect to see several releases in the forthcoming months from this fresh new crew of electronic masterminds. Their forthcoming compilation Hebinomicihi Vol. 1 is set to release on November 5th. Hebinomichi’s debut release is an original single by the founders of the new label/collective, none other than  StéLouse and ahh-ooh. Their collaborative record is titled “Sex Panther” and it is beaming with beautiful future bass sounds while still being strategically laced with some hints of jersey club and trap sound design. The new ballad takes you on an emotional journey; starting off in an ambient almost eerie vibe than smoothly gliding into a powerful feel – this is the perfect single to kick off a slew of forthcoming releases for the Hebinomichi crew. This record is a Free Download.

Filter PR‘s press release

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