Sulaiman Feat. Chance The Rapper – “Fam And Foolies”

“I was gone off the shrooms with my lil n**** father figure standing in the room, watch him as he blossoms as he came from a cocoon..” Chi-Town’s upcoming rapper Sulaiman came out with a new song featuring Chance The Rapper titled “Fam and the Foolies” and its definitely a must hear. At first I was only interested because of Chano but when I heard Sulaimans verse I was blown away by his talent. His flow and lyrical content is very impressive for  a dude with less than 2,000 Soundcloud followers. Chance The Rapper sings the hook and spits a verse as well, needless to say he absolutely kills it on this song… You can also definitely notice some of his 10 Day influence throughout this song. The beat is simple enough to really let these artists shine their talent which is rare now a days. Sulaiman’s recently released 8-song-project, THE MOGS is well worth the listen, but in the meantime check out “Fam And Foolies” below to help back my reasoning as to why you should listen to the project as a whole.



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