[Music Video] Trippy Turtle – “Trippy’s Theme”

Mad Decent’s Trippy Turtle released a wild new video earlier week that must be watched. His jersey club sound combines with R&B vocal samples which creates a beautiful and unique sub-genre of music. His new single, “Trippy’s Theme” came with a new music video that is exactly what we would expect from a Mad Decent set of visuals and the title of the track even hinted at how odd they’d get. We follow this animated turtle in what looks like an 80’s style cartoon around on a weird journey featuring a cast of cartoon characters from our childhood. He starts by going into the strip club where we find Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny from Pokemon shaking there asses for none other then his label mate Riff Raff, the Pink Panther, and a mysterious carrot [quite the crew]. At one point a lettuce Kamehameha is thrown. I won’t ruin the whole video or tell you how Trippy saves the day but you definitely want to check this out below when you have a free minute. Peep;

Written by Dan Awad.

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