Carson Millican Feat. Mike Huff – “Bullets”

Carson Millican continues to evolve as a musician. We’ve posted his work multiple times before here at skoodmusic, but this time around he really stepped it up. Not only do the sound quality of the record, and song structure come off much more professional but the upcoming musician’s vocals have matured and you can hear the confidence in his voice that oozes with beautiful emotion. On his latest release, “Bullets” it sounds like something that should be played on a college radio station [And I mean that in the best way possible, because if it were to be on ‘mainstream’ radio it would get played out and over saturated]. The feel-good summer anthem features help on guitar by fellow West Hartford native Mike Huff who spices up the backing instrumentation by adding in his own flare of guitar licks. This is easily Carson’s best release to date, in my opinion, and it’s just the first taste of his forthcoming project Thirst. Though the project has no release date as of yet, if anything else on the EP sounds even remotely similar to this I am beyond excited to check it out. Cheers to the song and whatever is next for Mr. Millican, all I can say is this song has been on repeat for me since it’s release and I’m becoming overwhelmed to hear Thirst entirely. Stream “Bullets” below featuring Mike Huff on guitar.

WEHA stand up.

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