Your Old Droog EP

By now, you may have seen the blogs blowing up over the Your Old Droog EP – and by now, you also may have figured out that this guy is not Nas.  Now I won’t lie, I had to do a double take on this one, the similarities are uncanny.  But let’s leave these associations behind and really examine this project.

Yeah, it’s not Nas, but it’s dope enough for people to really believe that it was? I feel like that says something. I’ve had this EP on repeat all weekend and for the most part, it really stacks up. This EP felt like something old and beloved, that you have just uncovered to your great delight. The wordplay is creative, the production is smooth, and it is a dope project overall.

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 9.02.02 AM

I urge any hip-hop fan to check out this project. We (at skood) promise this will kick the shit out of whatever bullshit you were listening to this week.

Favorite Tracks

“Loosey in the Store with Pennies”
“Droog’s Anthem”
“Gunsmoke Cologne”
“Bad To The Bone”

Check out the Your Old Droog EP below or download it here.



One thought on “Your Old Droog EP

  1. Fehrm says:

    So let me get this clear, on the track “Nutty Bars” Your Old Droog spits the line, “PBS throwing my special on, sometimes I watch my special to feel special” he’s referring to HIS special with Tavis Smiley, not the one Nas had a couple months back? Why would anyone other than Nas reference that?

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