WTF IS HAPPENING? [10 yr old edm sensation?]

There’s been a huge buzz on the electronic blogs about this kid by the name of Aiden Jude. He’s F***ing 10 years old and recently landed himself his 1st Beatport release. Let me say that again, T.E.N. Y.E.A.R.S O.L.D. I for one do not believe that anyone has the ability to master the art of sound design, bass synthesis, mixing, and mastering all by that age. Producing music takes time and experience.
Not saying it’s fact but most of the big name artists coming out of the gate with massive releases on some of the world’s largest imprints are using all sample loops designed by people who really care for the craft and it’s getting shat on by these “Oh, I can do that”, jackasses. Simply putting together loops that happen to be in the same key, throwing in an overly obnoxious sustained kick, and a pluck/stab with no substance just doesn’t cut it anymore. Granted some producers know how to tastefully implement modern fads into their sound but it’s going too far.

With that being said, Aiden Jude might have been present during the process of this track but I’m not convinced that he was able to come out with a professional grade generic tune on his own.
As of right now the YouTube like ratio is 446 – 1,526 so real listeners and mature ears can identify that it’s an attempt at creating a child star in the EDM world.

Listen to it here and form your own opinion.

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