Jack White Announces New Album Lazaretto & Shares New Single “High Ball Stepper”

Jack White has announced a follow up album to his debut solo, Blunderbuss. Thew new album, Lazaretto and he has already let loose of the debut single for his listeners. “High Ball Stepper,” the new single, features White’s typical gut-shattering guitar licks, Honky Tonk-sounding piano melodies, booming yet simple backing drums and of course a perfect song structure that will make you re-listen to the song countless times (like me, right now). No vocals on this one though, which initially through me off but I grew to understand and love the first single, solely because Jack White’s guitar-shredding ability that is so above par it’s like his the instruments he touches speak for themselves, like Hendrix and his guitar. Listen to “High Ball Stepper” off Jack White’s second solo album Lazaretto below, the visuals are pretty cool too. According to White, the LP will be out June 9th/10th on Third Man Records.




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