[Review] Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else


Cloud Nothings 2012 album Attacked on Memory yearned to be the band’s first introductory album, which was sought to do away with their initiatory stage as Dylan Baldi‘s solo, no-fi pop punk project. The band had great success with their 2012 LP but I’ve always seemed to enjoyed their singles such as “Stay Useless” and “Fall In”where Steve Albini utilized the reverb/fuzz sound to clash with the bittersweet melodies of Baldi. Unfortunately, it does not look like Here and Nowhere Else will be anything like the abrasive punk trio rocking out in dingy basements.. or ever will be. Especially since, Baldi has recruited John Congleton into the mix, furthermore eliminating any hopes of the “Hey Cool Kid” Cloud Nothings we once knew. It seems as if Baldi, is unable to stop writing hook-filled verses and leaving their latest installment even more conflicted than its last.

Here and Nowhere Else drops tomorrow April 1st via carparkrecords/mom+

Stream entire album here

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