Smoke DZA ft. Cam’ron “Ghost of Dipset”


Kush God hits us with another New York classic, this time with with Harlem legend Cam’ron. As with most Smoke DZA tracks, it features great wordplay and punchlines concerning his position in the game. He rhymes smoothly and comfortably over a vintage sounding beat and seems hungry as hell to further himself.

Cam’ron’s lines seemingly come out of nowhere with about ~50 seconds left in the song, but he compliments the track nicely. DZA and Cam’s confidence work together perfectly, and it’s great to see two Harlem legends from separate generations coming together. My favorite line in the track comes from DZA when he says, “They call it showin’ love, nah I call it suckin’ dick”. In my opinion, DZA is trying to let other rappers know that he doesn’t need any help on the come up.

As an avid listener to DZA’s material, especially his mixtape K.O.N.Y, this track is not necessarily anything new. With that being said however, DZA spits on this track with confidence and a demand for recognition of where he belongs in the rap game, making it an overall great track. Check it out below, and if you enjoy it download Smoke DZA’s mixtape “K.O.N.Y” HERE

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