[Skoodmusic Premier] Wayne Ent. – “Jones”

The Matthew Mcconaughey sample used during the intro is what will probably get your attention initially on Wayne Ent.‘s track “Jones” but this skoodmusic premier evolves into something great as it progresses towards it’s finale. Yes, we can all agree that the quote used from Dazed & Confused is a classic line, from an even more classic film but Wayne Ent. looked at it a different way then most, he said “Umm that was from the last scene of the movie… When he was talking to the kid. I liked it because he was talking about some real shit, and I usually put movie samples in my beats.” This Billy Paul-sampling joint is just the record to make your Friday night that much better – filled with knocking drums, percussive block sounds, flustering hi-hats and a glistening loop with layered instruments that crafts an overall superb song. This sounds like something that A$AP Rocky would spit over in my opinion and that’s exactly why i’m lovin’ it. Check out “Jones” below & be sure to pick up the free download. Show support to Wayne Ent. by following him on Soundcloud and peeping the rest of his music, you won’t regret it.



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