Jay Electronica “Better In Tune With The Infinite” feat. LaTonya Givens

Jay Electronica drops a new melancholy joint titled “Better In Tune With The Infinite” featuring some soulful vocal help from LaTonya Givens. The new record is backed by mellow orchestral instrumentation that will remind you of a rainy day, while the lyricism on the track spit by one of Skoodmusic’s favorite emcees in the game is depressingly on point, with a real deep back bone. This track was unexpectedly released last week during SXSW after a fan on Twitter told him he should release something new (I guess we should be doing that more often, still waiting on that album to drop any day now). Anyways, all in all a solid track but I expected more from him seeing as he hasn’t released new music in months and still has a debut album that everyone has been waiting years for… I dig the track, just not the vibe, wish it could have been a happier/more upbeat release, this is the type of track you release on an LP half way through to shake things up, not as a single to please fans [IMO]. I’m on the fence for this one, Jay. Listen to “Better In Tune With The Infinite” below and watch the Mass Appeal interview with Jay Electronica during SXSW last week for more information about him & his latest release.



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