Darius – “Romance EP”

Talk about great production. The vibes and the musicality make the “Romance EP” by Darius both a sonically and intricate masterpiece. Nothing held back from the jump with “Espoir” as a lead track. Soft kicks to nod the head too as a smooth sub acts as a infrastructure for vintage synth chord progressions. Next up being “S/ash” with the classic groove. “Hot Hands” keeps you moving with the deep downtempo house vibe, and the groove keeps flowing. It’s not over yet though. “Vanyll” is a funk infused new age experiment of its own kind and does not disappoint. Last but most definitely not least is “Omeo” to brings this awesome collection to an end on a soft note but the kind of note that makes you want to play them all over again and bast in the waves of simplicity and illustriousness.
Pre-Order the entire EP on iTunes : itunes.apple.com/album/romance-ep/id806166067

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