LA Gholson – Miss Love [EP]

Being a DJ, I have a lot of folks send me music, either for critiques, so I can try to push it, or just to share. This is one of my very favorite parts of the job because I am never without something dope to listen to. I’m sitting here sifting through my inbox and an old classmate of mine put me on to LA Gholson, a recording artist from Virginia that he’s been working with.

Right from the jump, I’m in love with the smooth neo-soul production. The whole project sounds like a cross between James Blake and Andre 3000. The songs are crisp, but ethereal at the same (damn) time. The production was handled by Bradley Baker, Numayr J, Corey Benjamins, and features a guest appearance from Cam Wallace.

Some notably excellent tracks from this project are “Miss Love” “Soul Mate” and “HDIF

Stream Miss Love below and download it for free here.

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