HBO Plans “EDM Comedy Show” starring Calvin Harris

After having already dominated your summer stages and speaker systems for the last few years, ubiquitous British pop icon Calvin Harris will star in HBO’s new TV show about electronic music.
Deadline reports that Harris will star in a half-hour comedy series called “Higher,” written by Irvine Welsh, the mind behind Trainspotting, with input from Harris.
Backing the project are Jay Z’s Marcy Media, along with Will and Jada Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment and the Three Six Zero Group, the electronic music management branch of Jay Z’s Roc Nation.
Apparently Will Smith and Jay-Z are also producing a take on the musical Annie together. Hard-knock life, indeed.

In my personal opinion this has to be the most idiotic way to capitalize on the boom of electronic music. Calvin Harris is worth like 46 million if not more. Does he seriously need to be a part of something that makes a joke out of a culture millions of people take seriously. Sure, “EDM” is about having fun and the love of electronic music but that could  surely go down the shitter faster than we saw it shoot up. The fact that Jay Z is  backing this project just goes to show how he slowly is trying to monopolize all of music period. From a business standpoint, it makes sense; but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay. There aren’t any comedy shows about rock nor hip-hop, at least not to my knowledge. So why start with EDM?

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