Currently In Rotation (Featuring Music by LMC, 20syl, Rook Milo, & More)

Back at it! It’s been a minute since my first Currently In Rotation post, but in 2014 I want to make it a more frequent thing. As stated last time, this segment will cover brief reviews of songs that have recently dropped and have been played through my speakers on a frequent basis. Don’t sleep on these tunes.


          Kendrick Lamar x Drake – “Poetic Justice” (LMC Remix)

First up is New Zealand bred producer LMC and his creamy “Poetic Justice” remix. He turned the radio-friendly K.Dot & Drizzy collab into an abstractly soulful masterpiece with a simple yet perfect feel-good guitar sample used throughout the song, which helps set the tone for this laid back remix. This is a song to play on a nice day; reminds me of a nice day during the summertime.

         King Krule – “Easy Easy” (20syl Remix)

20syl recently released a brand new remix of King Krule’s song “Easy Easy” after gaining mass amounts of positive feedback for his prior remixes. This time around he completely changes the original’s instrumentation but morphs his glossy original production to smoothly correlate with King Krule‘s beautifully raspy voice. This electronic-infused-hip-hop remix is truly mind blowing and unique. Loved the original, but I have to be honest and say I like this version of King Krule’s “Easy Easy” better.

Jonwayne – “Luda Goes To Church And I DL Lex Luger’s Drum Kit”

Jonwayne is a Stones Throw Records artist who is heavily slept on. He is a trifecta of dopeness as a musician; he crafts ill beats, both his flow and lyricsm are VERY on point, and his beard is killer. Listen to his awesome remix of “How Low” by Ludacris, filled with bodacious church organs to give it an eerie yet awesome overall vibe. Peep the appropriately titled “Luda Goes To Church And I DL Lex Luger’s Drum Kit” by Jonwayne above.

Rook Milo – “Cobalt Polo”

Rook Milo creates infectious future bass music that is super fucking rad. Being a relativity new producer in the game, he hasn’t gained too much exposure yet, but he will with his hard hitting sound this year. I promise you that much. He incorporates chillwave, r&b, hip-hop, future bass and so much more into his complex productions and it is working splendidly for him thus far. Not only are all his originals insanely epic (I had the chance to listen to some forthcoming releases via his manager and all I can say regarding that is to brace yourself for greatness) – but his remixes are sick too. Get familiar with this dude, you won’t regret it. Listen to Rook Milo’s original “Cobalt Polo” above and check out his soundcloud page for more music.

BadBadNotGood – “CS60”

New BBNG is the best BBNG. The Canadian trio that has turned countless hip-hop classics into their own crazy jazz renditions dropped a new single earlier this week that is set to be on their forthcoming release, III, which is slated to drop later in the year. I still don’t understand, even after watching a good amount of footage of them performing live, how they create such bangers with only three instruments – but I definitely respect it. “CS60” may take the cake as far as being one of my favorite originals by these dudes. So gritty at some points while also being extremley chill when they drop into the half-time choruses with the thudding drums and bass. Dope shit, BADBADNOTGOOD are like the (more) modern version of Robert Glasper Experience.

Just Blaze & Sinjin Hawke – “One”

This collaboration is HUGE. “One” is probably the most listened to [by me] track on this entire list. It brings together the downright rawness of up and comer Sinjin Hawke, and the indisputable all around creativeness of the legendary hip-hop icon Just Blaze. The soothingly peaceful pitched up vocal sample used throughout is just the tip of the ice berg on this track… The heavy synth line and the sporadic yet strategically placed drums are what bring this song to another echelon. I can’t quite put my finger on the sub-genre for this one; something along the likes of jersey club edit’s at some points, to down right hip-hop at others. Click play on “One” above, your welcome.


Sometimes the mystery of a producer is what sells the music. Like Trippy Turtle, this Australian producer is still working under an alias and no one truly knows who he is yet. There has been rumors that he is Wave Racer, but nothing legitimate has come up on this information yet. Until then, listen to Y2KOALA‘s debut release “Stayyy Flyyy,” a hyphy jersey club edit or Three Six Mafia‘s classic hit “Stay Fly”. The songs got bounce and I look forward to hearing some new music by this dude/chick/alien/robot. Side Note Assumption: During Juicy J’s verse he switches up the lyrics from “You leave your girl around me, if she bad she gonna get stuck” and replaces the world girl with [what sounds like] Dick. Does this mean this mysterious producer is a female, gay, or just a jokester? I’m not judging, just pointing out something I noticed.

 Jhene Aiko – “The Worst” (Austin Millz Remix)

NYC native Austin Millz messaged our Facebook Page a month or so back presenting me this track, and I was immediately blown away. He graciously flipped Jhené Aiko‘s track “The Worst” into a spacey joint that is somewhat melancholy, but we all need a cry sometimes, right? Real solid production on this one, keep your eyes and ears peeled for new music by Austin Millz in the near future.

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