[Documentary] WorldstarHipHop.com presents “The Field”

Recently, urban hip-hop website,Worldstarhiphop.com released their debut documentary entitled, “The Field.” The film shines a spotlight on not only Chicago, but also the violence and music associated with Chi-Town.

Sounds like a positive step in the right direction, right? Q from Worldstar is really trying to help the youth. Right?


Let’s look at it from a reality standpoint. Worldstarhiphop flourishes off of this same violence in lower class communities. Not only do they promote it, but they encourage it. There are countless videos on senseless violence with the camera man screaming “Worldstar! Worldstar!” because that is the only way for it to get posted. But they want us to believe they are down with the betterment of the communities that have made them a household name.

If they really wanted to ruffle some feathers they would slowly change their business model to include more positive content and offer other resources to individuals on the edge about committing acts of violence. But that doesn’t make any money and that is was all this violence is about: Money.

So why not make people hate themselves and cash in on their reactions.

Pretty much, this music is helping to control our culture, especially in a world where the inner city has a large number of single parent households due to incarceration and death due to violence. The main statement in the documentary seemed to be “these kids don’t know any better.” But WSHH is hardly trying to teach them. Watch it for yourself below and let us know what you think of the documentary.

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