E-603 – “This Size”

The O.G. mashup king E-603 brings the heat with his latest original release, titled “This Size.” As stated earlier, the Brooklyn based producer first got his foot in the door by combining the likes of Three Six Mafia, The Postal Service, Coldplay, Omarion, Biggie, and countless other musicians into his songs. Then, slowly but surely he transitioned into importing his own well made production under already well-known songs, like his RATATAT-esce remix of Destiny’s Child throwback “Say My Name” to now solely crafting ill hip-hop induced electronic tunes bracing his listeners for a forthcoming EP that is set to drop early next month on February 4th via his website.

The new single, which smoothly knits in vocal samples from Ciara and Ludacris‘ collab “Ride” without taking away from E-603’s mesmerizing production on the track, which features upbeat drum sounds for days; clicking percussion, heavily reverberated claps, thrusting hi-hats, and hard-hitting bass kicks, all alongside a high pitched lead synth that steals your attention for a good amount of the song. Listen below and stay tuned for the This Size EP.



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