Denzel Curry & Deniro Farrar “Bow Down”

Florida bred rapper / Raider Klan member Denzel Curry and North Carolina’s Deniro Farrar have linked up for a collaborative joint titled “Bow Down.” The reason I felt inclined to listen to this song in the first place was due to both artists prior releases, along with the high standard both artists implanted in my head after listening to their individual projects. Denzel Curry‘s Nostalgic 64 was easily one of my favorite projects of 2013 that I felt was highly slept on by a lot of people, while Deniro Farrar‘s Cliff Of Death (which was solely produced by Seattle based production collective Blue Sky Black Death) was a close runner up, filled with unique combination of cloud rap instrumentals and an abstract flow and lyricism.

Bow Down” glistening production is filled with spaced out wind chimes, catchy synths, and an overall ambient vibe. The intro is laced with lines from Al Pacino said during the film, The Devil’s Advocate, which perfectly helps set the tone for two of 2014 brightest artists to spit over in a villainous manner. Real solid collab overall, very stoked to hear new music by these two soon, whether it be more joint songs or solo stuff keep it coming.

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