The Merger [Self Titled Debut Album]

South Florida emcees Case Windu and 6 Cardinal team up with producer Shawn Wayne to bring you The Merger LP.

This album is a beautiful 3-way collaboration in the style of golden age hip-hop (that boom bap shit) complete with beats that knock, catchy hooks, and intricate wordplay. Case and 6 bring a wonderful blend of street and sophistication in their back to back rhymes from start to finish. Those familiar with Case’s work will notice a driving confidence in his delivery and word selection. Meanwhile, aside from 6’s more aggressive rhyme style, he did almost all of the scratch work for the record. One might also notice a somewhat jaded tone from the duo. This is not to their discredit, as I imagine two skilled wordsmiths like themselves might be fed up with the bullshit that gets airplay these days.

Any true hip-hop fan will be able to pick out the many allusions to 90’s rap records that are made throughout this album.

Here are a couple of my favorite tracks:

“Intro (Y’all Knew That)” – This jam is like butter (I don’t know if that even counts as a pun, however it was unintended) and a perfect way to set the tone of the album.

“Fool’s Gold” – One of the first singles from the album and a crowd favorite. Can’t shake the feeling that the vocals are clipping just a little bit, though. 😦

“Homegrown” – This was arguably my favorite track that was not included on the 6-song sampler. This is a Florida anthem and I really hope they’ll make a music video for this one.

“Unique” – Can they just sell this song to Dr. Pepper for their 1/1 commercials already?

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 12.08.31 PM

The duo toured Florida last month, promoting the release of the album, to great success. I was able to attend a couple of the shows, which were surprisingly live (compared to other rap shows I have seen in the area.) An anomaly; people (including the rappers themselves) were crowd surfing at these sweatbox shows. If the photographs available to me would do the scenario justice, I would post them here.

Fans of old school hip-hop should definitely take a minute to peep this project. Not only that, but it is a FREE download, so you cheap ass dudes really have no excuse to not cop this.

↓ Stream/Download The Merger below ↓

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