Chance The Rapper & James Blake To Move In Together In L.A.

Members of a band usually crash at each others houses for creative reasons, but these two artists wont be shoulder to shoulder in some dusty basement, they will enjoy the perks of a north Hollywood crib for an extended period of time. “Everytime we get together we make something pretty dope,” these words said by Chance The Rapper are more than a good reason for them to move in together. Though I am not sure how the difficulties of living with someone will effect their production chemistry, the joining will ensure how quickly their records will be released which is wonderful considering how little progress they’ve made after their creation of “Life Round Here.”

I am very excited for the results of this joining, the one thing I am hoping for is a mini documentary of their time spent together at work and at play, this would be incredible for long time fans to witness the interaction between two incredible pioneers of their genres and also prompt other people to search their music. Whatever happens, I’m sure it will be pretty awesome. Check out [this video] via MTV showing James Blake and Chance The Rapper talking about the move-in, and watch their video for “Life Round Here” below if you haven’t already.

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