[Music Video] Bishop Nehru “Mobb Dizzle”

Bishop Nehru delivers a new set of visuals for his cut “Mobb Dizzle” off his prior mixtape from this past July, strictlyFLOWZ. The freshly turned 17 year old rapper is still bit of a mystery to us, constantly changing up his flow, production style and lyricism, but – we enjoy the journey.


The self-directed black and white music video for “Mobb Dizzle” is relativity simple, flashing back and forth between random older clips of space & flying-related nature, and Nehru accordingly hanging out in his personal home studio in NYC. Solid track, lyrically and production wise, off his latest release – featuring minor keys and an overall gloomy vibes, but what I am excited for is his forthcoming joined EP with MF Doom, titled NehruvianDOOM. No release date or music has been heard of the new project with the masked villain, but I think we can fairly assume that it will be a pretty abstract collaborative effort between the two. Doom knows talent and always has his eye on someone new who should be on all of our radars, with that being said get familiar with Bishop Nehru before you get caught sleeping. Stay tuned for more news surronding the NehruvianDOOM project and watch Bishop Nehru’s new video for “Mobb Dizzle” below:

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