DII releases sophomore album “II”

Welcome to 2014, readers! We’re only a day and a half into this shit and we already have a slew of new projects to report on. I’ll kick it off right here in central Florida. On December 31, local rapper DII (pronounced dee-two) released his second solo album, II. This album is really a treat and has been widely anticipated in the local music scene.

I’d like to first point out that the recording/mixing/production (done at Studio 18 in Orlando) is excellent. DII’s lyrics and delivery are positive, inspirational, and honest (but none of that corny “Youth of the Nation” kinda stuff.) There are a couple features from other local artists that keep right with the flow of the album.

DII is somewhat of a people’s champion in the Orlando music scene and it was nice to see “So High” on the album. This song has become an anthem and a staple of his live show (performing with his band Deaf 2 The Industry) If you are in the area, be sure to check them out, it is a lot of fun, even for those unfamiliar with their work.

Stream/purchase II below or on his Bandcamp page.

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