Exclusive: DJ Smallz interview

DJ SMalls

Skood Music’s Monty B recently caught up with the World Famous DJ Smallz in Orlando.

After waiting for the mob of people to finish taking pictures with the Southern Smoke mixtape series originator, we got to speak with him about his take on the current state of hip hop.

Monty:” What’s up man? Being one of the most known about DJ’s in the industry, what is your take on the current state of hip hop?”

DJ Smallz: “Do you mean in Florida or in general?”

MB: “In general.”

DJSM: “I would say if you are your own personality, THIS IS YOUR TIME TO COME OUT. Because it’s like anything goes right now. Maybe 5 or ten years ago, many people had certain stereotypes about what rap is supposed to sound like, but now any rapper can come out and be who they are. I don’t know how long this is gonna last before people start to stereotype you, so I would say it is a good time to be who you are.”

MB: “Who do you think is running the game right now?”

DJSM: “Indie.”

MB: “Like Kid Cudi type of indie? “

DJSM: “Like people who got they own label. “

MB: “Similar to Macklemore having the number one album on iTunes without a label?”

DJSM: “Exactly just like that. It’s like Mac Millers company. Currency has his own company. Talib Kweli has his own.”

MB: “What is a record that makes the club go crazy?”

DJSM: “Yo Gotti just signed a rapper named Snootie, he has a record named “Yayo,” By February it’s going to be a number one hit.”

MB: “What do you think is the appeal of the song?”

DJSM: “It has natural energy, natural flow and when you hear it. It connects. The hook is catchy, there is a lil bit of a melody.”

MB: “Last question I got for you, what advice would you give these independent artist trying to break into the industry.”

DJSM: “I would say, make sure you got investors or you got your own investment money, so you can move how you wanna move. Be consistent. Grind. And just give it 100%. If you aint givin it 100% this is the wrong business for you. At the end of the day the music industry is still a business, know what I’m sayin? People are out here to make money. If your not giving it 100%, you are wasting your time and everybody else’s time too.”

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