Last Night in Paris – Roses EP


When I first got word of UK rap collective Last Night in Paris, I was a bit skeptical. But after listening to their EP, Roses, I found nothing but good things to say. The overall production on the project is great, while they also bring a Kid Cudi/Drake/Curren$y feel to the EP that remains consistent the entire time. There are songs that stood out much more than others such as the first two tracks, “Own Me” and “Paris Army.” “Paris Army” begins with loud psychedelic bells followed by a mix of grungy instruments to accent the bells and the hook,

“I have a dream, that my whole team could ride in Rarri’s (Rarri’s, Rarris), and wear Versace (Sace, Sace) it’s Paris Army (Army, Army).”

Quite catchy. Overall the whole camp brings a different style of team hip-hop to the table that has had me quoting them for the past week. Check out their project below.

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