Exclusive: Skoodmusic catches up with Dave &Busters/Red Bull DJ Competition Finalist DJ Stick D

The Texas made, Cali-Paid Dj shows no signs of slowing up. Since first meeting him in Japan, I have seen nothing but progression and dedication from the recent third place contestant in the Dave & Busters/Red Bull regional competition.  We recently caught up with him a few weeks ago to discuss some aspects of his career. Make sure to follow him at @DJStickD.

MB: What’s up Stick? I’ve known you for a few years, and I have yet to see you slow up. What is it that keeps you going in the industry?

DJSD: Other DJ’s success and notoriety in the city. If they can do it, I don’t see why I cant.

MB: I heard you were in a pretty bad accident not long ago. What happened and how did that incident change your DJ career?

 DJSD: I was riding motorcycles in the mountains with 2 other friends and took a turn way too fast.  While a lot of accidents in the mountains end in death or being helicoptered out, I was fortunate enough to be ambulanced out with a shattered hip and 130k medical bill that was covered. Thank God.

It just put the DJ career on hold due to not being able to walk for a couple months, but in the mean time it allowed me to work on other things DJ related like website, better promotions and editing music.

MB: Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

DJSD: In one year I hope to break all boundaries and have at least the majority of the industry heard of me and or heard me play before, and start getting some more bookings.  Basically I’m saying I’m not shit yet, but there is no reason why I can’t play at any club here in San Diego, it just takes time and opportunity, and I’m working at it!

MB: What type of music are you mostly interested in?

DJSD: I enjoy places that allow open format.  There is plenty of good music of all genres and I enjoy playing it all.  But in my car I’m more of the dirty south and DJ screw guy.  The new west coast sound is dope too and having an influence on other regions of the US.

MB: In your opinion, what is the hottest song out right now?

DJSD: Meek Mill – “Bout that Life:

MB: Who is the artist to look out for during the 4th quarter of the year?

DJSD: Rich Homie Quan, I’m excited to hear what new single he drops.

MB: What other DJ’s do you respect?

DJSD: All of them that push the culture and push themselves and do more action than yappin!!!

Watch DJ Stick D Tell his story about a close call with Nicki Minaj and Keri Hilson in San Diego.

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