Flatbush Zombies Interview w/ MONTREALITY

The Masked Gorilla recently posted a quick interview with the Brooklyn Hip-Hop trio, Flatbush Zombies. They talked about topics ranging from what’s in their pockets, to what they hate about the music industry. Before I get into their answers, I want to say that I’ve become a huge Flatbush Zombies fan from this interview. The chemistry between these guys is apparent, and they all have lively personalities; they’re definitely some characters. They have a great outlook on the “industry” as it stands these days, and they even said that they hate the hip-hop game being described as an industry, which I agree with completely. Their views on the state of things are right in line with what I think as well, they said that they hate everything about the “industry”, but most specifically rappers who change who they are for some money, which is my biggest pet peeve about rap these days (and I think we’ve all witnessed this happen to some of the greatest up and comers). Respect for the classics is essential in the new age, and it is apparent that these guys have it. They talk about Eminem specifically, Zombie Juice even said that he went back and bought the Slim Shady LP recently. It’s awesome to see that these guys are getting love back from some of the greats of hip hop, they said that RZA and Talib Kweli have personally given them props. One of my favorite parts of this interview is when Meechy said that, “usually the guys in our generation are scared to fuck wit’ us.” They go on to say that their realest shit is still to come, and I’m excited to see what direction these guys go in. You can check out their recent mixtape, BetteroffDEAD for free on websites like Datpiff, and it’s a really good listen if you haven’t heard anything from these guys yet, so get on it!

This article was written by our newest contributor, aymaff! Stay tuned for more articles from him in the near future.

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