Get Familiar: Jacuzzi

Ryan York, known to some as Jacuzzi, is an amazing 18 year old producer out of Hawaii who just released his debut solo track (we’re aware it is a remix, but is the first time he has released music by his lonesome).  Without taking away from the original song, Jacuzzi put his own beautiful twist on Santigold’s “Disparate Youth” by adding a bigger, more symphonic sound that makes the remix that much more epic. Not only that, he also incorporates a trap-influenced drop that sounds like it should have been on the original, fitting in perfectly. Frequently traveling back and forth between Honolulu and the West Coast working on his music, he has a plethora of new tracks & projects ready to unleash for his listeners, so stay tuned for that and keep this upcoming producer on your radar. If you haven’t already check out his first collaborative release “Trigger” with Mr. Carmack below under the  remix, and stay tuned for his debut EP – which is set to be released through a well-known EDM / Hip-hip based label [that couldn’t be named quite yet, according to York]. Get Familiar.

Follow Jacuzzi on Facebook  & Twitter.


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