Brodinski Ft. Theophilus London – “Gimme Back The Night” (Music Video)

Ever wonder what your life looks like from your mouth‘s perspective? Well Director of “Gimme Back The Night”, HELMI, has devised something to give us a little insight to what that may be like. From the start of a day after what appeared to be a wild night with a recap of it all, this oral cam sees more than just a few snacks. I won’t spoil it all for you but you’ll find yourself watching as this person [possibly Brodinski himself] brushes his teeth, smokes pot/cigarettes, kissing the only way the French know how and much more. Teaming up with Brooklyn artist Theophilus London, this minimal techno tune has a twist that solidifies its originality. If you’re familiar with 90’s techno and film then this should be a nostalgic breathe of fresh air from other techno grooves you hear in today’s world of electronic music. A bit strange in some parts too though, including a drastic drop of bpm towards the end. All in all an interesting combination of new and old. So props to Brodinski and all involved with this project for not taking the common roads with this one.

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