Exclusive: Louis Futon Interview

Undefined by genres, Louis Futon are just a couple of guys who have a true love for music. Evident through their music, the passion of these Philadelphia producers has obtained much attention from across the nation thanks to their debut project, the Alright Alright EP. While embracing the sultry sounds of r&b, the waveforms and synths of electronic, and the energy of Hip-Hop, it could be hard to describe their sound. The duo described their sound as “Future Lean” which is a good synopsis, [IMO] they kind of sound like a crossbreed between Cashmere Cat and Mr. Carmack due to their tripped-out futuristic trap induced sounds.  Without further adieu skoodmusic welcomes Tyler Minford & Logan Zoghby, the faces behind the music known as Louis Futon.


SM = Skoodmusic

LF = Louis Futon


SM: How did you guys come up with the name Louis Futon?

LF: It was a result of a drunken brainstorming session. We like to think it’s clever.

SM: Haha nice. Give us some background information about yourselves.

LF: Music has had a large role in our lives. We’ve been in and out of bands since middle school and recently just got into producing about a year ago. I (Tyler) have played drums and piano for around 10 years so it sort of translated well into producing. While Logan has played bass for the better part of 8 years.

SM: Multi-talented musicians eh? Respect. Whats the Philly electronic music scene like?

LF:  We are only starting to get involved in the scene now. We decided to hide away in the studio and focus on putting out music rather than playing shows [for now]. From what we have seen though the scene is blowing up, especially for more underground (future) genres.

SM: Word that makes sense. Who are some of your guys Biggest musical influences?

LF: At the moment, the whole Soulection movement. They’re 10 steps ahead of everyone in the game right now. Artists like Mr.Carmack, Esta, and Kaytranda, who put out ridiculous tracks so often which ultimately pushes us to do better.

SM: If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be & why?

LF: Were tryna hook up with Flo-rida maybe score a free beamz…. Nah, but honestly it’d be dope to work with J Dilla, he’s a legend and we take pride in our drum arrangements.


SM: What are your Top 3 favorite albums?

LF: Double Booked by Robert Glasper, The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place by Explosions in the Sky, and The Mouse and The Mask by Danger Doom

SM:  Amazing choices. So who are you guys bumping as of recently?

LF: Mr. Carmack, but honestly who isn’t. We’ve also been digging Kaytranda and AWE. The GTA ‘Death to Genres’ mixes are unreal as well.

SM: What software do you guys produce with?

LF: We use a combination of Ableton, Logic Pro X, and Maschine. As for synths we use Massive, Sylenth1, Absynth, Alchemy, and much more. We also love the Sausage Fattener, which is a great free plugin.

SM: Do you guys also love Dada Life? That plug-in definitely reflects their personalities.

LF: We used to really be into Dada. We actually use the sausage fattener for quite a few things. One of our favorite plugins.

SM: Yeah I’ve been told it’s a really solid plugin. Any upcoming projects or plans on touring?

LF: We’re releasing a single through Terrorhythm Recordings in about 3 weeks. Were in the process of working with Soulection, and a couple of rappers too. We don’t have any tours lined up right now, but we do plan on playing as many shows as we can on the East coast and hopefully make it out West at some point.

SM:  Thats exciting! So if you could for us, how would you describe the sound of Louis Futon?

LF: If jazz, hip-hop, RnB, and electronic music had a baby, that baby would be us. Future Lean.

SM: Your first EP [Alright Alright] got a lot of buzz on the blogsphere, any word on your next project?

LF: Were really excited for the release of our upcoming single, but we have a few projects we can’t announce right now. But, still keep your eyes peeled for a ton of new music to release over the next couple months. If you haven’t already listen to our EP;


SM: If you could be signed to any label – which one & why?

LF: Soulection, because they’re leading the way right now and we really like the direction they’re taking music.

SM: Favorite cereal & why?

LF: Reese’s Puffs, cuz theyre greeeeaaaatttt.

SM: West coast or East coast hip hop?

LF: We gotta rep East coast, but the bible belt is where its at.

SM: Favorite festival and why?

LF: Holy Ship. Who doesn’t love boats.

SM: What about playing on a jet? Who would you guys bring with you?

LF: A jet would be nice but we could probably only bring 10 friends. Don’t want to crash or anything.

SM: If you could hang out with anyone in the world who would that be?

LF: Louis C.K. and Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys. That would be ridiculous.

SM:  I fuckin’ love that show. If you could open for any artist who would that be and why?

LF: Probably GTA, I heard they’re pretty cool dudes. Also Diplo, he goes hard.

SM: Where do you guys see music in 5 years?

LF: I think all the generic trap music is going to drown out. The beauty of producing is that it’s a competition. When you see a producer doing something special that nobody else is doing it forces you to step up your game. Maybe a couple genre’s will spawn in the next 5 years, but we can’t look that far ahead into the future.

SM: Well put guys. Well thanks again for granting us the interview, we look forward to hearing new music from you guys in a couple weeks. Take it easy!


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