2014: The Year of Vic Mensa & Chicago’s Save Money Crew

2014 is going to be a great year for Vic Mensa. One of the founding members of Chicago’s up and coming Save Money Crew along with skoodmusic favorite Chance The Rapper, as this year progresses into 2014 he will continue to prove himself and gain a permanent spot in the hip-hop scene. Just like Kendrick Lamar put his T.D.E. / BlackHippy crew on, Chance will put on his fellow Chicago SMC-affiliates (not that Vic Mensa needs the help, the extra promotional push from the Acid Rap spitter / upcoming emcee who is set to go on a World Tour w/ Macklemore, will go a long way).  Vic Mensa is not only dropping a highly anticipated new project entitled INNANETAPE later this month, he is also set to open up for UK electronic duo Disclosure on there Settle Tour dates alongside Samo Sound Boy for the next couple of months. That is bound to gain him a bundle of new fans worldwide.

save money

Anyways, onto the new single “YNSP” featuring Eliza Doolittle. The  DJ Dahi-produced joint really helps set the mood and build anticipation for Mensa’s forthcoming mixtape INNANETAPE which is slated to hit the streets on September 30th. The track title “YNSP” stands for Young Netscape Peso which is apparently Vic Mensa’s new moniker. Listen to the his song “YNSP” above and get hyped for the Chicago emcee’s new mixtape to drop in eight days!

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