Krewella “Alive” (Hardwell Remix)


For starters, this tune is so high in demand that Pete Tong had to play multiple samples and manipulate the track so small time, disrespectful DJ’s don’t try to rip the 128Kbps YouTube quality song and use it in their sets. Can’t say this isn’t typical Hardwell with the soft female vocal, compliments to Krewella, and melodic entry to a climactic build. Oh, and not to mention a big-room drop designed to fill arenas and festivals across the nations. I wish there had been more an originality aspect with the drop considering he as well as many other artists are going for that sound that has made W&W so famous, for example “Thunder” & “White Label”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome sound and can be used in thousands of ways, but when it comes to Hardwell, I would expect more from the contestant #1 DJ in the world.

|Article written by DJ Flown|


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