XcaliberZero / KryptoKnight Presents: ‘Just Listen’ The Beat Tape


In today’s modern outlook of music, most of the producers that really get recognized are those making EDM and performing it live or working up Trap bangers for the club scene. Of course you can’t forget those who happen to throw down Grammy nominated singles but those usually are assisted by the voice of a big name artist(s). “Dividing themselves from the competition bringing in a new, Trance/DirtySouth, style while reviving a little of the 90’s flavor to create a ‘Melodic Masterpiece’, we have Nathan “XcaliberZero” Foreman and Kenny “KryptoKnight“. Truly inspiring music for those who really “Just Listen” (No pun intended). Using innovated techniques and pure heart of originality this is definitely worth hitting play. Download the beat tape free from Datpiff by clicking here and follow these up and coming talented producers. Article written by DJ Flown. Catch up with their music more thoroughly in the links below;

KryptoKnight || www.KKBeatz.com ||
XcaliberZero || www.xcaliberzero.com||


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