Carnage feat. New & Used “Signal” (Original Mix)


Without sounding redundant to others’ posts, most commonly known for his Festival Trap remix of Hardwell’s “Spaceman”, Carnage has risen with a sick electro/trap blend of mayhem. Using a common progression of thirds and a bit crushed saw wave, it has a catchy melody to follow into a semi-climactic build. Now the drop is interesting. Throwing down a wide hard-style influenced kick and a simple addition of reverberated synths, I honestly was expecting more. Moving on to make things a bit more interesting still, Carnage has been known to go Twitter rants about the fall of Trap music and the decay of talent being showcased but still continued to go for a second drop being a trap drop seeming pretty hypocritical. I feel that he has seen how popular it has gotten and in order to remain at his rank he went back on his word which would indicate that he isn’t making the music solely out of self expression and originality. Listen to “Signal” below now;


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