The Bullitts “They Die By Dawn”(ft. Yasiin Bey, Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu)


This song is nothing short of EPIC. No idea how I missed a new Jay Electronica feature for almost two weeks, but I was insanely stoked when I came across it the other day.”They Die By Dawn” is by The Bullitts and features Yasiin Bey (more commonly known as Mos Def), Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu (Yeah, the asian chick from Charlie’s Angles) and by the guest verses alone you could assume this song was bound to be dope – good guess. The country western vibes felt throughout this song ultimately remind me of Django Unchained, this track would have fit phonemneally on the soundtrack. Instead, “They Die By Dawn” will be featured in a different african-american based cowboy flick starring Erykah Badu entitled with the same title of the track.   Great new collaboration, so listen now below;


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