“United” (Ultra Music Festival Anthem) [Ultra]


The road is shorter by the day. One of the most anticipated Electronic Dance Music events in the world. In what is known as the nightlife capital of the United States. Ultra Music Festival (UMF) 2013 taking place in Downtown Miami is only a little over a month away & the tension continues to rise for the epic occasion. A few dutchmen on the College Invasion Tour ’13 known as Tiesto, Quintino, & Alvaro have taken the UMF Spirit and collaborated to make “United (UMF Anthem).” So ask yourself, what happens when you combine one of the most sought after artsits, a club ripper, and a new face in the big leagues? The answer is an arena masterpiece. This single has those fat basslines, those swarming chord progressions, that kind of melody you hum to yourself all day, and then it’s topped off with a drop that will keep you off your feet. So UMF attendees be prepared.

“It’s official, we made the Ultra Music Festival anthem!! Really Proud” – Quintino


||Listen to the track here||

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