Recent Remixes You Should Listen To (Featuring BK Beats, The Ninetys, Motez, Ghost Loft, & Madeaux)

paper cut out

Its hard to keep up with every new remix that’s worth listening to, so to help listeners out i’ve compiled a short list of my favorite recent remixes that’ve dropped within the past couple weeks.


First up is New Mexico native BK Beats atmospheric remix of Waka Flocka Flame‘s 2008 hit “Hard In Da Paint” – he somehow turned this hyphy rap anthem into a spaced-out futuristic chillwave-esce remix;

The Ninety‘s change up Flume‘s track “Sleepless” and add their own taste to it with shiny glistening vocal samples, shuttering hi-hats and an overall feel of bliss.

Motez manages to flip Frank Ocean’s mega-hit “Thinkin Bout You” into danceable house track and its awesome;

Up next is Madeaux‘s dope remix of Dennis Ferrer’s “Hey Hey.” This upcoming producer dropped an amazing EP recently and we plan to link up with him VERY soon for an exclusive interview regarding his unique sounds that combine dance-y house, experimental electronic and chill wave.

Lastly we got Ghost Loft‘s laid back remix of “Overdose” by Little Daylight. This track is the definition of good mood music; laced with uprising female vocals and overall bouncy hip-hop vibes, this track is perfect late night music to vibe out to.


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