Fool’s Gold Records does it again and drops yet another hard hitting EP on their soundcloud page, promoting an upcoming duo who deserves recognition. Do you like TNGHT, Clicks & Whistles, or Patrick Mango? Than you will dig Texas-based producers, Bames. Their debut EP has been in rotation on my speakers all day now, and dear god this shit BANGS. The first song I heard off DRTY BWTY was “Sippin” which starts off with, what sounds like, a plane nosediving to a crash leading into intense trap hi-hats at full throttle that then blooms the electronic-trap masterpiece into something completely new. Stream DRTY BWTY below and see how Fool’s Gold introduced Bames / helped describe their unique sound.

“Meet Bames: two Texans barely out of their teens, BBQing beat symphonies out of clattering percussion, drunken laser synths, and genuinely disrespectful levels of low-end whomp. DRTY BWTY is their beast of a debut EP, a six track mission statement as joyous as it is grimy, already supported by bass kingpins like Gaslamp Killer and Daedalus. Anthems “Chrome Eagle” and “Ozone” prove that Bames can trap it out with the best of the best, yet the boys’ psychedelic bump is far funkier and headier than any of their hi-hat wielding contemporaries. What do you even call the space age twerk of “Fine Lines” and the title track? Half-time dance music? Freaked out hip-hop? Promethazine armadillo jams? Bames have twisted our minds and our asses into pretzels… now it’s your turn.” -Fool’s Gold Records

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