Saturated Saturday (Electronic-Trill Edition) Featuring Music By; Giraffage & Thriftworks


Up first is experimental trip-hop producer Thriftworks with his recently released Terry – D project. Terry – D features a vast amount of genres among the 15 tracks; from lo-fi to downtempo and trip-hop to glitch, this California-bred beat-smith switched it up many times for this project. Some joints on Thriftwork’s latest compilation sound like something that would be heard on Flying Lotus’ BrainFeeder label; spacey-felt trip hop with smoothly glazed on electronic vibes. While other songs have more of an experimental, sample based lo-fi sound to it like something created by Giraffage. Kick back, relax, and stream Thriftwork’s Terry – D project below. Listen closely for the exquisite flip done on “Smokey The Bear” – its pretty raw.


Giraffage‘s most recent album, entitled Needs is a great piece of work featuring a good amount of both nostalgic and sometimes melancholy felt songs. Needs has a handful of xxyyxx-esce tracks, filled with intensely bright synths that almost seem overpowering at first until you realize that they fit just right to mold the song into a different set of emotions. This trippy, heavily sample-based album by Giraffage is on some other shit; it’s classified some where in the middle of chillwave and electro dream-pop. This producer continues to amaze me with his music, and clearly he is starting to really make a name for himself – he is getting ready to start his 2nd European tour with xxyyxx. Stream Giraffage‘s Needs now below;

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