B​.​I​.​G. Flume by Jaymee Franchina & Jeremy Smith (Biggie x Flume Mashup Project)


This project is so fucking rad. Flume‘s atmospheric instrumentals are the perfect dose of dopeness to accompany Biggie’s rhymes, and creates a truly intriguing combination of both artists. Nicely done, Jaymee Franchina and Jeremy Smith. Stream B.I.G. Flume below, my favorite tracks off the project (as of this moment) are probably “Party Girl Anthem” and “Sintra’s Dead Wrong” – All in all though, B​.​I​.​G. Flume is an awesome compilation of The Notorious B.I.G.’s forever-classic lyrics and Flume’s world-respected production. One may think it is a risky attempt of taking vocals of the East Coast king and putting them over any other instrumentals but the originals, but never blindly assume, this project should prove that;

ALSO: Watch Flume’s Boiler room set, its dope. Peep it here.


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