Stream Now: Skoodmusic’s Favorite J Dilla Songs & Shigeto’s Beats 4 Dilla EP


First off, Rest In Peace to James Dewitt Yancey and Happy Birthday. To any readers who are unfamiliar, J Dilla, or Jay Dee was a Detroit based multi-talented musician; he released solo material, produced for countless praised artists in the industry (A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, Janet Jackson, Common, Madlib & more) and also was affiliated with groups like The Soulquarians and Slum Village. His unusual style of craft helped him stand out from other producers over time, and his unique sounds will never be forgotten. Hands down, Dilla raised the bar for instrumentals in hip hop with his crispy soulful production-sound. His samples were timeless and the way he create music will live on forever; where do you think Madlib, 9th Wonder, Flying Lotus and countless other producers got a great deal of inspiration from? All of them always seem to name drop the same artist; J Dilla. Below I chose a mix of some of my favorite Jay Dee tracks from over time, check em’ out.


Additionally, under all the tracks is a collaborative project created by Shigeto entitled BEATS 4 DILLA that features music by Mux Mool, Devonwho, Josef Deas and SKYWLKR. Kick back, relax, and listen to some soulful hip-hop below;

Be sure to also check out Shigeto’s musical tribue to Jay Dee, BEATS 4 DILLA 

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