3 Epic OutKast Remixes done by Woody’s Produce


Woody’s Produce is an insanely talented producer out of LA who is currently finishing up his remix project of OutKast songs. OutKast is easily one of my favorite hip hop duos in history so at first I was hesitant to listen and pondered to myself how could this dude make classic songs any better then they already are? Well, you’ll see for yourself. The way he flips the originals and brings them to a completly different place is legitimately mind blowing at times. Woody’s Produce’s OutKast induced remix project drops entirely on 2.11.13. Up first, below we have the first remix Woody’s Produce dropped a couple months back for the upcoming mixtape, his rendition on Outkast’s “ATLiens.” The classic OutKast track is hands down one of my favorites in hip hop history, and Woody’s take on it is definitely a solid attempt, just not my favorite of the three. Peep the remix below;


I’ve posted this track earlier, but deleted it and added it onto this one so it correlates better. Up next is a remix to Outkast and UGK’s “Int’l Players Anthem“. Now I know the original instrumental is one of the best hip-hop beats known to man (the horns and gospel choir combination is too amazing) but, somehow Woody creates his own melancholy-esc, almost sad sounding instrumental that fits perfectly with the track and evolves it into a completely new sounding song that fuckin’ rules. His use of euphoric pads and guitars correlates smoothly with laid back drums and vocals. Check out Woody Produce‘s remix to UGK & OutKast classic hit “Int’l Players Anthem” now;


And last but certainly not least, the classic “B.O.B.” gets nicely re-worked. Woody’s Produce did the almost impossible, flipped yet another instant-classic OutKast beat and turned it into his own. On this joint he added rapidly fast hi-hats, a swelling choir sample in the background (He also kept the original gospel-sounding-singers on the chorus) along with scattering percussion and a quick guitar lick that sounds hella similar to the opening fraise in “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” – simply put; dope. Listen up;


Be ready for the OutKast x Woody’s Produce remix project to drop on February, 11th 2013 on his website!


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