Wavves “Demon To Lean On” & “Sail To The Sun”


Wavves recently came out with a new song called “Demon To Lean On” that seriously rules. The track initially reminded me of something by The Pixies or even Interpol; starting off heavily driven by a bass line and weirdly catchy guitar licks but, by the chorus it was more reminisce of 90’s alternative grunge (like The Smashing Pumpkins or Nirvana) due to the heavier guitar riffs (Wavves has really awesome guitar tones in almost every song, if you had not already noticed). A truly rad sound they got going on this one. Listen to Wavves “Demon To Lean On,” and watch the video for their previously released single “Sail To The Sun” below that, which features their familiar beach-punk sound after the intro.

The San Diego based rockers plan to release a new album in the spring entitled Krazy Sexy Cool. When in spring? Nobody knows yet, so until then listen to the two new songs by Wavves above and keep a heads up for their new album this spring to drop on Nathan William’s new label, Mom + Pop. Pre-order the record here.


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