Get Familiar: Orlando Up and Comers (BlckBastard, CLIP, & TheRemedy)


This article is about two up and coming producers and one rapper who currently reside in Orlando and deserve more exposure than they are already receiving. The articles will be brief because ‘music speaks louder then words’ Cliché saying (✓) but it is the truth. Get accustomed with these dudes before its too late;


Up first is BlckBastard, a fresh new producer to the electronic-trap game who blew us away with his recent release, “WAVES.” The track features a trippy vocal sample thats swarmed with awesome FX, some jazzy keys, and of course some furiously fast hi-hats accompanied by a thumping 808 kick to help the song really knock. Listen to “WAVES” below now by BlckBastard.


Next up is rapper CLIP, who recently dropped a sick new track appropriately named “Cold War,” spitting over Clams Casino’s mesmerizing instrumental that originally dropped in 2011. Really dig how he started off slower then sped up and switched his flow for the second verse, well done. This joint will be on an upcoming collaborative project entitled The Good Life MIA which will feature a handful of Miami based artists. No release date for the mixtape yet, but keep an eye out! Listen to “Cold War” by CLIP below.


And last but not least is a Britney Spears remix?! Yup, and it is fuckin’ ill. TheRemedy’s take on “Toxic” is a creepy, hip-hop influenced dubstep track thats mad dope. The snare hit and kick drum combination used in this song correlate perfectly and give the track a little more ‘oomph’ -which ultimately make this remix that much more tight then the original. To give this song true justice, listen to it on speakers or headphones, and get familiar with TheRemedy‘s music.



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