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Big day in news for FlyLo’s California based indie-label, BRAINFEEDER today. First off, unofficial but still extremely sexy and well edited visuals dropped for Flying Lotus’ track “Sultan’s Request”  which is off his recently released album Until The Quiet Comes. The video was shot and directed by Holly Port, who has helped with prior BRAINFEEDER videos before, and has once again created a masterpiece. Check out the (non-permanent) music video for “Sultan’s Request” below;

The Underachievers are one of the most rapidly rising acts in NYC today, and that is a fact. You may not even be all that familiar with the newest signees to BRAINFEEDER music as of yet, but soon enough you’ll be bumping their upcoming mixtape Indigoism and dig it as much as FlyLo already does. After continuous months of being pushed back, the tape has finally received a release date of Febuary 1st, 2013. Also in news for The Underachievers, a documentary entitled “Spit Gold Under An Empire” [which depicts the NY underground rap scene as of today] features the duo’s story of their path to success in the music industry. Check out the preview for the film here, until it drops entirely on January 19th -when you can watch it all here. Also keep an eye out for the documentary at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Gonna be a big year for these dudes so get familiar before its too late, but in the mean time check out their most recent track “6th Sense” below. Its dedicated to Pro.Era’s Capital Steez. RIP.

And lastly, BRAINFEEDER label mate Teebs just dropped a juicy new joint called “pianomess” that has wild keys that somehow morph perfectly with the relaxing backdrop of running water and, what sounds like, shattering glass at some points. Eerie yet dope, which is usually the case for most of the artists on BRAINFEEDER. Listen up, and enjoy!

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