Orlando EDM: Trap Edition (Sgt. Wilkz & DVNK SINΛTRV)


Been thinking about doing a segment like this for a while now so what time better than now? It is a new year and all, so fuck it here it goes, presenting: Orlando EDM. I live in Orlando and go to school at Full Sail University, both of which give me great opportunities for listening to a handful of talented up and coming EDM producers from around the country but happen to reside in the area. This weeks Orlando EDM picks are two trap remixes that both ultimately knock in their own unique way. Up first is DVNK SINΛTRV‘s bangin remix of Chief Keef’s insanely popular track “Hate Bein’ Sober” that will without a doubt make you bob your head by the end of the song. Up next is Sgt. Wilkz‘ remix of “Bombs Over Capitals” by AN21 & Max Vangeli, another true banger.

Listen up and get familiar:

DVNK SINΛTRV’s remix was taken off of soundcloud, so listen to / download the track here.

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