Trinidad James Performs at Santos Party House with A$AP Mob

DSC_0833-Trinidad-JamesLast night, at the same venue where A$AP Rocky gained a massive amount of new fans and Cult-like-followers a year prior, Trinidad Jame$ took the stage for his NYC debut. Still unsigned, Trinidad Jame$ is buzzing like mother fucker in the music industry right now; everybody is taking pictures with or talking about this Rick James look-alike recently. His swagger, raspy voice, A$AP Rocky type like persona, goofy-simplistic lyricism, and many other reasons are why people have taken such a huge liking to the upcoming ATL-based emcee. I still do not understand why none of our writers (Including MYSELF) haven’t posted any of his music or videos yet here on skoodmusic, and for that we apologize for slacking lately. As a consolation, below you can watch the video for “All Gold Everything“, stream his mixtape Don’t Be Safe, and watch the performance from last night where (most of) A$AP Mob comes on stage and kicks it with him during his set at Santos Party House;


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