Groundislava & Baths “Suicide Mission” / Simon SMTHNG “Ho(ur)ly Ghosts”

Baths is a mad good producer who is super underrated; i found him on Spotify a while back but haven’t listend to him in a while, so i was stoked to see a new video / track from him and Groundislava. Unfamiliar with California-based producer (Groundislava) before this track, i did my research and came to the finalization that he too, is seriously ill. The collaborative track between the two is a relaxed chillwave-ish track that sounds like something that would be playing in the background of a Lucid dream. The high pitched 8 bit sounding synths that come in aligned with raw vocals work there way perfectly into the melodic ambient drones of the intro, ultimately make this an awesome song. Mad trippy video to go along with the lazy track, where a glowing alien-like-dude comes down on a ‘suicide mission‘ – the effects done on this video were really smoothly done so watch the collaborative music video between Groundislava & Baths “Suicide Mission” below now;

Up next is a new ambiently-trill song by Simon SMTHNG called “Ho(ur)ly Ghosts” that has a easygoing feel to it with chopped n screwed vocals every so often to give you a taste of southern dopeness. Tight song by the up and coming producer who never fails to produce some unique shit. Peep;

Simon SMTHNG has a new EP entitled Phosphenes coming out in the near future, keep an eye out for that.

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