Cities Aviv “GALLERY GURLZ” (prod. by Star Slinger)

I don’t know why we haven’t posted on Cities Aviv‘s music here yet on skoodmusic, but i’ve been listening to his Digital Lows record for a minute now and he is hella underrated. His unique choice of imaginative instrumental’s fit perfectly with his down right different flow that sticks out like a sore thumb and [to some] may take some getting used to. His combination of dirty south, chillwave, and trill music combines into something that is indescribable– his sound as an artist is truly uncommon and dope. This particular track reminds me of Danny Brown due to some of the odd lyricism and heavily reverberated voice to give the overall song and lyrics an eerie vibe. The instrumental, produced by the british beat-smith Star Slinger, is a upbeat thumping track with a soulful sample with trap like, fast paced hi-hats as the back beat that fit perfectly with the ill sample. The chorus’ sample hook has been stuck in my head all day long.. Star Slinger continues to murk the beat game. Sick new song by Cities Aviv that will be on his upcoming album Black Drop, that drops November 13th. Check out the trailer for that record here, and listen to “GALLERY GURLZ” by Cities Aviv below;

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