Peace “Bloodshake” Music Video

Awesome way to start the day, just found this great new band. Peace makes awesome, almost psychedelic, indie rock. The heavy reverberation and intricate riffs on the guitar, melodious harmonizing vocals and overall soothing vibes of the band’s music is truly unique. Peace somewhat reminds me of The Klaxons or Foals due to its ridiculously catchy guitar parts and british-like vocal tendencies, but with a different sounding math-rock sound. Last month, Peace released a free four song EP entitled Deliciouswhich featured this funky, danceable tune along with 3 other math-rock / indie rock tracks- I highly recommend checking it out when you get the chance. On Delicious, look out for their standout cover of the trance classic “1998” which was originally done by Binary Finary. The quartet take Binary Finary’s song and turn it into something that is completely their own, with an epic Explosions In The Sky type of instrumental jam session going on for almost the entirety of the song. Anyways, check out Peace’s trippy visuals for “Bloodshake” off their recent EP and don’t miss out on these dudes, they rock;

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